How to get the best Car Fleet Insurance

fleet car insuranceFleet insurance can be something of an elusive prize. Even the best car fleet insurance quotes can come with a hidden motive; that razor-sharp small print that an insurer can jab in your back when you’re most vulnerable.

But you can come to the battle armed to the teeth with information if you understand how the deal works. There’s power in the paperwork. And with enough cognitive firepower, you can take down the insurance monster and come out of the rubble with a fantastic fleet insurance deal.

Sort Out The Paperwork

Nearly two hundred years ago, Edward Bulwer-Lyton quoth that famous metonymous message, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ And still, to this day, he’s right. You’re weapon of choice, before your insurance renewal is due, is a compilation of all the vehicles that you plan as well as a complete claims history of your fleet. By letting insurer’s know that you’ve put in the prep, they’ll catch on that you’re shopping around, which should keep them on edge enough to lower their premiums, before you’re snatched up by someone else.

Don’t Let The Broker Break You

Pick your broker carefully; they’ll be responsible for getting you your quote in the end, so if they aren’t 100% dedicated to you as a client, they won’t do the best job they can. You need to be sure that you’re broker will only come back to you with A-rated insurers. To get a broker that is going to be more enthusiastic about your trade, Google the name of your trade, and search for specialised brokers who have a lot of experience getting policies for clients in the same business as yourself.

Once you’ve found the broker that’s right for you, you’ll need to help them any way you can. Tell your broker everything you can about the way that you run your fleet, previous incidents and details about your drivers. If they know every inch of your insurance history, it will make things much easier for them to negotiate with insurers to get you the best deal. Continue reading