Unexpected Bills Do Not Have to Pull You Off Track

Unexpected Bills Do Not Have to Pull You Off Track

When we get something unexpected in the post, chances are good that the clock starts ticking and the stress just builds and builds. The more it builds, the more tiring it can be to get to a real solution that works for you and your family. But if you get a cash advance, things tend to move back in the other direction. It’s a straightforward way to take care of the unexpected, and we don’t have to fall into the trap of telling everyone our problems.

See, even though the world has gotten more “social” on the surface, the bottom line is that a lot of people still don’t help each other. Oh, we send out Facebook “likes” and “shares”, but we don’t really help with the financial side of life. We just expect our friends to get it together, and when they don’t…well, the options can be a bit unpleasant to deal with. When you’re struggling, you don’t want to be found lacking in any way, especially by one of your peers. Continue reading

How to approach choosing the right short term lender

If you want to borrow money using a short term lender it is tempting to just look at the cost and of term of the loan and accept any lender that is willing to let you have some money. However, there are many things that you should consider and the lender is one of them.

Whether you are deciding between high street banks or online lenders such as www.shorttermloans60.co.uk, then you need to use the same process to compare them. You want to feel happy that you have chosen a lender that will treat you well and that you will feel relaxed owing money to.

There are lots of ways that you can find out things about different lenders, the Internet it has made this a lot easier. Firstly look at the company’s website to find out a bit about them. It could be useful to find out when they first started, how long they have been lending money and perhaps something about the individuals who own the company, especially if it is a small one. You may know something about the company already, but their website will give you more of a feel for what the company is like. Continue reading

Use the internet to become debt free

Lots of people are constantly fighting a battle to become debt free to remove the burden from their shoulders so that they can have a less stressful life, and lots of these people are doing it with the help of the internet.

How I hear you say? Well often their first port of call is a community driven website such as moneysaving experts.com where lots of like-minded people get together to help each other save money or even to earn it to become debt free. It’s really a great way of motivating yourself. There is normally more than one chat thread about saving or earning money to become debt free, where people report on their progress and share their ideas on how to achieve success.

Some of the more common ways these people use to raise money start with the collecting and sharing of voucher codes. Voucher codes can be used to save money off of things such as shopping or online purchases, and whatever the person saves they put into their debt free fund.

Another way is to complete surveys and lots of other online earning opportunities. These can net anything from a few pence to a few pounds a time, or in other cases vouchers. While this doesn’t seem much, lots of people set themselves a daily goal, and complete several tasks each day to achieve this. Continue reading

How to get the best Car Fleet Insurance

fleet car insuranceFleet insurance can be something of an elusive prize. Even the best car fleet insurance quotes can come with a hidden motive; that razor-sharp small print that an insurer can jab in your back when you’re most vulnerable.

But you can come to the battle armed to the teeth with information if you understand how the deal works. There’s power in the paperwork. And with enough cognitive firepower, you can take down the insurance monster and come out of the rubble with a fantastic fleet insurance deal.

Sort Out The Paperwork

Nearly two hundred years ago, Edward Bulwer-Lyton quoth that famous metonymous message, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword.’ And still, to this day, he’s right. You’re weapon of choice, before your insurance renewal is due, is a compilation of all the vehicles that you plan as well as a complete claims history of your fleet. By letting insurer’s know that you’ve put in the prep, they’ll catch on that you’re shopping around, which should keep them on edge enough to lower their premiums, before you’re snatched up by someone else.

Don’t Let The Broker Break You

Pick your broker carefully; they’ll be responsible for getting you your quote in the end, so if they aren’t 100% dedicated to you as a client, they won’t do the best job they can. You need to be sure that you’re broker will only come back to you with A-rated insurers. To get a broker that is going to be more enthusiastic about your trade, Google the name of your trade, and search for specialised brokers who have a lot of experience getting policies for clients in the same business as yourself.

Once you’ve found the broker that’s right for you, you’ll need to help them any way you can. Tell your broker everything you can about the way that you run your fleet, previous incidents and details about your drivers. If they know every inch of your insurance history, it will make things much easier for them to negotiate with insurers to get you the best deal. Continue reading

Avoid Stress, Panic, Worry and Fear – Get a Short Term Loan

A short term loan allows you to move on with your life. There’s no way to get around it — forget what your friends think about “payday loans” or “cash loans” — they are the real deal, and they work in a pinch. No one wakes up in the morning and says “hooray, we get to get a loan today!” The reality is that sometimes you just have to make the right decision at the right time, rather than be caught without getting things done. What can you really do when everything melts away?

You have to make sure that you’re thinking about the bigger picture, which for most people, means how to take care of your family even when everything seems like it’s tearing apart. You have to take care of emergencies, otherwise you’re going to be plagued by stress, panic, worry, and fear. It’s time to get a short term loan that can really take care of the emergency quickly.

At this point, you might not want to hear this truth. You might hope to get a cash advance from your parents, who have helped you out in the past. But if you look around you, you can probably still see the slow-to-recover economy. It’s time to stop hoping that wishes will just naturally come true. You need to be able to step into a brand new life filled with opportunities. And if that’s the goal, then you have to take care of these little emergencies before they get out of control. Continue reading

Quick! Go With That Payday Loan Before Inertia Steals Your Financial Future

If you ask most people, they will tell you that they want a stable financial life. Not everyone wants to be incredibly wealthy, but most people want a life where they can really get all of their dreams of the ground. This might include starting a family, or maybe even running a business. Either way, the path is clear; people just want to be happy. Yet life moves in unexpected ways and you might have to make sacrifices that you weren’t expecting. It’s very important that you find resources that work for you quickly, even if they might not be the first choice for your situation.

You need to start by looking at a payday loan. The best thing that you can do when you’re short on cash is use your pay cheque as leverage. There are great lenders that are willing to believe the best is still within you, giving you the benefit of the doubt. Step back and ask yourself when the last time a bank actually did this for you. Step back and ask yourself when another business actually started you like a normal person. That’s something that you need to be aware of, because the consequences are just too painful to really bear.

You owe it to yourself to get things figured out as soon as possible, especially when everything is at stake. Give yourself a chance to use a payday loan appropriately. Now, we say appropriately because you have to still remember that this is a loan. It’s not free money, and they’re taking a chance on you. Continue reading

Banks Change Returned Direct Debit Charge Process

Some of the UK’s largest banks have made changes to the way that they charge people for their returned direct debits, in a move that could save customers as much as £200million every year in unnecessary charges.

Until they made the changes the banks, that include Barclays, The Co-operative, HSBC, Nationwide, RBS and Santander would process direct payments in the early hours of the morning, and if the funds weren’t present issue a charge and return the direct debit as unpaid. This can be extremely unfair and frustrating for customers that have money paid into the account that clears hours later. For payments for things such as loans and insurance customers can often end up being charged twice; once by the bank and once by the vendor.

Now the banks will re-attempt to take payment later in the day, just in case funds have cleared into the account since the initial request during the early hours. This could also give customers a chance to nip into their local bank branch to deposit more cash to ensure that the payments are made on time. Even this could save people a lot of money. Continue reading

Household income lowest it has been for three years

The average income families have left after paying all of their critical bills has dropped to around £155, which is the lowest that it has been in 3 years.

While the economy is showing small signs of growing, at the lower end of the pay scale people are just struggling to live as real world living costs stretch beyond family incomes. The average British home has an income of just under £700 per week, of that £700 £117 is paid in taxes and £427 is spent on essential bills, transport, housing and food.

The report was compiled on behalf of the supermarket giant Asda by the Centre for Economics and Business Research. Asda is attributing the drop in spare money available to families on rising energy costs matched with the fact that incomes cannot keep up with the rate at which prices are falling. In the year up until April average income has risen by just 0.8 of a per cent which is the lowest it has been since the statistics started being recorded in 2001. This is bad news for the government, who are trying to encourage the UK to spend more money to help the country recover from a terrible economic chapter. Continue reading